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Posted By: ErnieDate: 7/18/04 3:43 p.m.

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While Google searching, trying to find reference to solar winds in Marathon... I came across this:


Oddly enough, it appears to be some kind of guide, composed of HBO forum posts regarding enkidu.bungie.org. For someone who didn't monitor the discussion at the HBO about Enkidu, it's really quite interesting.

Anyhow: back to talk of Solar winds.

I've searched through the trilogy terminals hosted on the Story Page. I found something between 'nada' and 'bumpkiss'.

Perhaps 'nothing' would be a better way of describing it?

Durandal's explaning how Earth was protected by strong solar winds from the Pfhors knowledge (as to exactly how - I have no idea) must have come from some other source. Rubicon perhaps? I'll need to look through Steve L.'s Rubicon Guide for that information.

I did manage to find some interesting non-scifi facts about Solar winds, and their effect on technology / biology.


It doesn't appear that the magnetic clouds and other charged particles in Solar wind scientifically cause alot of communication / sensor blocking issues. Wind speed variations do cause some storms in a planets magnetosphere though, but the Earth’s magnetosphere shields us from solar storms.

This opens another possibility of solar expulsions hiding the contents of a Rogue Star/planet are found in Coronal Mass Ejections.

Sure, for "... many of the smaller Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s), we notice little or no affect near the Earth’s surface. [...] Oftentimes, much of the material from CMEs is deflected away from our planet by its magnetic field."

"There are, however, dangers to consider when eruptions occur during times of solar maximum.
For instance, microelectronics on board satellites are especially susceptible. When high velocity ions plow through a satellite, control systems can be turned on or off, circuits can be burned out, and semiconductor material can be degraded.
Solar power panels are especially sensitive to degradation from solar storms. "

Apparently, our sun (a distinctly Non-Jjaro modified star) has "CMEs [that can] erupt from the Sun and can carry up to 100 billion tons of electrified gas toward the Earth at speeds as high as 2000 kilometers per second." This is during times of the solar maximum.

A link to amazing little 300k .gif of a CME (huge bubbles of gas threaded with magnetic field lines that are ejected from the Sun) is below:


Real Science aside: I'm investigating this subject as Steve L. brought up the possibility in an email that the Rogue Star in WMaiD could be shielded from outside prying eyes by a strong solar wind. A combination of overactive and very strong CME's carried by a solar wind could be enough to deem an area of space dangerous for travel. This would explain why it wasn't charted in the millions of years prior.

Since this white dwarf star has been tinkered with by the Jjaro, changing solar winds intensity, and CME's frequency of a Jjaro-Rogue star doesn't seem too "out there".

This Jjaro outpost world has an network of 14 major defense satellites. This presented the issue of how they exist amidst such a constant solar expulsion. I hypothesize that they're safely existing within the modified planetoids magnetosphere, thus protected from any stray degrading particles. Or perhaps some magic Jjaro-science located in the modified planet. Hurray for God-like Alien races: allowing everyone to make questionable things plausable. : D

If anyone manages to find out where the reference to Sol's "strong solar winds" came from, please post away.


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