Re: Platform Question
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 7/13/04 10:57 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Platform Question (Adam Ashwell)

: Actually, it was an Ian that programmed it. I don't remember his last name,
: but I do remember that its an Ian. Jonathan Felts is DarkMapper, right?

Jonathan Felts wrote a tutorial about this back when Aftermath was going to make use of that B&B technology. He was and is in the Aftermath team and he e-mailed the guy that was in charge of the B&B project and got him to e-mail him back a copy of A1 B&B. The aftermath team then started mapping few maps and it looked great with those floating polygons, stairs, bridges, and so on. it was awesome. but then we heard that the project had been abandoned so we decided to not to use B&B.

I have made few B&B maps since DM (Jonathan Felts) gave me that tutorial. And scripting them is very easy. too bad it's not implemented into A1 main build :-(

Oh and Steve, there is no way that i am going to take care of that project. i have totally no knownledge about coding so...

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