Re: marathon 1 serial
Posted By: Andrew NagyDate: 6/30/04 6:04 p.m.

In Response To: marathon 1 serial (brian)

I have a serial number, but I'm not sure how Bungie feels about giving them out. I'd say just buy the Mac Action Sack CD from Bungie for $10. That way you get a version of M1 that doesn't require serial numbers.

The Sack also includes:
- Marathon 2 and Infinity. If you don't have those, you need the Sack anyway.
- Minotaur. I don't know if that's still worth playing.
- Abuse. That's not even really a Bungie game; they just ported it to Mac and added some pointless story text.
- Myth II demo, which you can find online.
- Some Oni music, which I think is available on oni.bungie.org.

Also, if you have two computers (Mac or Windows), you should play M1A1 co-op.

: Can anyone help me get Marathon 1 up and running again for my kid (and
: me!)???
: I'm using a G3 with OS 8.6 and I recently found the old Marathon folder with
: all the maps and thingys - but I've only the serial number for the net
: version - anyone know a serial no. for the single game? or who could I get
: it up and running?

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