Re: marathon 1 serial
Posted By: Adam AshwellDate: 6/30/04 1:50 p.m.

In Response To: marathon 1 serial (brian)

: Can anyone help me get Marathon 1 up and running again for my kid (and
: me!)???
: I'm using a G3 with OS 8.6 and I recently found the old Marathon folder with
: all the maps and thingys - but I've only the serial number for the net
: version - anyone know a serial no. for the single game? or who could I get
: it up and running?

I saw your post on the Marathon.org forum and responded:

M1A1 is not only for the PC. Its on the Mac too. Just remember: Anything with "SDL" in the title is a PC version. I would suggest going to fileball to download M1A1, but fileball is currently encountering some difficulties...Still, try downloading it here: http://fileball.net/marathon/item.fb?451353496 It probably won't work, but they may have fixed it by the time you try. In fact, I found somewhere else that you could download it. http://archives2.bungie.org/cgi-bin/findmaps.cgi Scroll down to "M1A1 Mac" and download it. I tried, it works. Also, you'll need a copy of Aleph One. Go here: www.source.bungie.org and download the latest version of Aleph One for OSX (if your not on OSX, there's an OS9 version too). The downloady thingies are on the right of the page, by the way. Sometimes people can't find them.

Also, I believe that the OS9 version of Aleph One works with 8.6 too. Not sure, someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm wondering, how old is your kid? I was introduced at the age of 4 to Marathon.

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