Jjarro=Humans? (revival of old thread)
Posted By: Traxis_SpawnDate: 6/15/04 3:55 a.m.

Alright Boiz and Gurlz, shall we delve?

In refrence to the thread which started here : http://forums.bungie.org/story/storyarchive.pl?read=13029

Lets see if I have this straight...
1)Humans at some WAYYY future date evolve into the race known as Jjarro.

No immediate problem there. The genetic forerunners of our race are not known as 'human', so it stands to reason that further evolution would also change the identity of the race.

2) The Jjaro develop KICK ARSE mega-powerful technologies, including timetravel.

Again, no immediate issue, once you work past Quantum Mechanics and Gen. Rel.

3) Upon developing said time-travel technology, the Jjarro go back in time, create the S'pht, and then set about helping out Earth.

This is where we run into a problem... If the Jjarro change their own history enough, they can (and most likely would) cease to exist due to simple laws of paradox (ya cant kill your gramps as a kid and still expect to be born now can ya?) So, they vanish. But, if they vanish, the changes they made vanish, and they come back. Endless cycle, and sucks much... So, they are never allowed to make enough of a change to cause them to cease to exist, and gradually lost ALL ability to affect the universe around them. So, they get bored and move on, to somewhere that that could still act.

And this brings me to an intresting thought. Considering (the way I interprit it, and feel free to correct me of I'm wrong) the state of affairs at the actual end-of-play storyline for MI, the fact that the humans and the S'pht are allies, and fighting the Pfhor, is it not possible that this battle rages on through the GAH amounts of years until the eventual evolution of Humans into Jjarro, and along the way, the S'pht could be the pre-evolved form of the Pthia, and the Pfhor the predicessors of the W'rkncacnter?

Hrm... I have more to think about now..... and more to write later...


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