enforcer descpancies explained?
Posted By: blake37Date: 6/12/04 12:46 p.m.

ok, i came up with an idea explaining the deferances detween the two styles of enforcer. it has been pointed out that the M1 enforcer weapen seems alot like a crowd control gun with its wide horizontal spread and low damage per projectile. this make sense as the pfhor at the marathon seemed to be on a slaving mission. in M2 however, they are trying to kill you, durandal, and all persons on the boomer in general, so the enforcers stand far away and fill the hallway with fire whenever they see you, making it hard to shoot them without taking damage, and it feels to me like each projectile is rather damaging and efective agenst our pitiful humans and circitry that it can now destory.
so....slave control and search and destory enforcers, a basic idea
bye now

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enforcer descpancies explained?blake37 6/12/04 12:46 p.m.
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