At the risk of beating a dead horse...
Posted By: Callie21VDate: 6/10/04 12:52 p.m.

There has been some speculation about just what the AEC does, and about how it allows the player to slay Pfhor, but IMHO no satisfactory conclusion has been reached. The best guess at the moment seems to be that the Alien Energy Converter does exactly what it says, and allows us to use energy-related Pfhor technology, meaning pattern buffers and rechargers.

-- http://marathon.bungie.org/story/weapons.html

I've seen a lot of speculation about the AEC along those lines. What I've never seen is evidence from M2 used to support the theory:

Your suit has been modified to recharge at
Pfhor power stations and to use Pfhor
uplink terminals to upload yourself into a
pattern buffer on my ship.

-- http://marathon.bungie.org/story/lhowon.html

Why would Durandal tell us this when we were using rechargers and pattern buffers up and down Boomer throughout M1? Maybe because we were recharging without directly interfacing through the suit before? Isn't the Alien Energy Converter that we're no longer required to tote around the only satisfactory explanation?

Okay, either that or I've missed the blindingly obvious again. Your call. :)

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