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Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 6/8/04 9:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Trilogy Stickers (Ernie)

: Ah... I was under the impression until recently that the Durandal's ship the
: Rozantae (the one we explore in Rubicon, and that Durandal has at the end
: of M2) was that Jjaro Juggernaut ship...

Nope, that's the new Pfhor ship he captured at the end of M2. The S'pht, of course, wanted to call it "K'lia'Nahrl" or some such, meaning "Vengeance of K'lia".

: However: I thought Durandal returned to earth not 10,000 years after
: Infinity, but a couple of decades after the events of M2. I recal that he
: "tied the UESG up around Saturn" or some such, before leaving.
: At that point, he gives humanity access to FTL technology before bidding
: humanity farewell.

You're thinking of when he stopped by to teach mankind how to build warp-capable fusion missiles during the 17 years he was looking for Lh'owon.

: Are you sure you mean to say "10,000 years" and "Marathon
: Infinity"?
: If what you state is true... interesting implications. Do you have any
: citation to back it up, in http storypage link?

M2 Epilogue, Durandal returns to Earth 10,000 years later in the Manus Celer Dei to see how humanity is doing, and "ties the Guard in knots" on his way in.

Most of us assume the M2 Epilogue is true even after Infinity, so...


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