Marathon: The Movie
Posted By: Bob-B-QDate: 5/19/04 3:47 p.m.

A few days ago, I mentioned an idea for a fan-made CGI movie production of Marathon. This is what I've got for a script so far. Any thoughts?


"Somewhere in the heavens... They are waiting."


Where a heavyset man in a suit is giving a speech. This is MARCUS TIBERIUS BUENDIA, the president of the United Earth Government (UEG). He looks like a thug who's stabbed more than a few backs to attain his current status. Guards with assault rifles stand on either side.


November 15, 2472
Aboard the colony starship U.E.S.C. Marathon
Pre-Launch Ceremony

Buendia (into microphone):

“Mankind will venture out past its earthly bounds, and move into a future grander and more real than the total of its own written history.”

As Buendia speaks, we look out over the massive crowd. The landscape indicates that we are somewhere in a large cafeteria or meeting hall.


Which reads "Strauss, B." and bears the logo of something called "Project Marathon."

Zoom out to reveal BERNARD STRAUSS, standing behind Buendia. Strauss looks like he's rather be anywhere but here. He rolls his eyes as Buendia continues to speak.


“...What was once merely a rock named Deimos is now this... This, the grandest achievement mankind has ever conceived will be for the purpose of peace and the preservation of the human race. May this great technological ark carry with it the sum total of all human wisdom, and may neither time nor distance weaken our common ties.”

Strauss (low):

"If you only knew..."


"With me today is Dr. Bernard Strauss, the Marathon's Science Director. Dr. Strauss?"

Strauss hears his cue and, pasting a smile on his face, stands beside Buendia.


"Thank you, Mr. President. First, I would like to say that..."

As Strauss speaks, WE CUT TO:


THIS is what they're talking about. The Martian moon Deimos has been hollowed out and turned into a massive starship. On the outside, the most obvious signs of modification are thousands of tiny windows and a massive Bussard ramjet on what must be the rear end. We SEE Buendia's shuttle leaving with a full fighter escort. Below, the surface of Mars shows signs of massive terraforming.

Strauss (V.O., filtered):

"AI units, report status."

LEELA, the AI responsible for ship/crew interactions, replies in a soothing female tone.

Leela (V.O., filtered):

"Crew morale is at a record high. All systems nominal."

Strauss (V.O., filtered):

"Good. Durandal?"

Next up is DURANDAL, who handles automated systems such as airlocks and elevators. He responds in a slightly sarcastic tone, a harbinger of things to come.

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

"Automated systems are on-line. Everything's good, given the circumstances."

Strauss (V.O., filtered):

"Glad to hear it. Tycho, you're up."

Last to speak is TYCHO, who operates the scientific equipment. He speaks in a clear, no-nonsense tone.

Tycho (V.O., filtered):

"Scientific instruments are on-line. No problems."

Strauss (V.O., filtered):

"Excellent. Let's get this show on the road."

The massive Bussard engine ignites with a blue flash. FADE TO BLACK as the Marathon departs.



We see STARS against the blackness of the void. PAN DOWN to reveal the Marathon orbiting a small planet that is clearly not found in our home system, though there is definitely a city of some sort down there. This is the HUMAN COLONY on TAU CETI IV. We SEE a small ship, the SHUTTLECRAFT MIRATA, flying from the colony to the Marathon.


8:17 AM
July 25, 2794
Orbiting Tau Ceti IV
Three Hundred Twenty-Two Years Later

We HEAR the sound of Tau Ceti's traffic control system.

Traffic Control (V.O., filtered):

“Primary Booster Burn has ceased. Shuttle Mirata, you’re clear for orbital maneuvering.”


Where a MAN is leaning back in the pilot's seat, eyes closed. Dark hair, built like a Terminator. Unlike a Terminator, however, this guy is clearly human or human-based. Later we'll see that the man is more than he seems, but for now all that matters is that he's a security guard and he's daydreaming. His offical designation is RECON 54, but we'll refer to him by his given name, JONES.

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

"Decompressing the docking bay."

Jones barely reacts as the cockpit shifts to zero gravity, but snaps up when Durandal gives a faint chuckle:

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

“Docking bay one: decompression completed. Mirata this is Durandal, abort landing. Repeat, abort landing.”

Jones LUNGES forward and punches the Comm button.


“Colony station, Durandal just decompressed the landing bay. Marathon, anyone listening, we are having a problem with Docking Bay One. Its Durandal, I think he’s gone...” He falters as the comm light goes out. "...Crazy."

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

"ORDER- Lock out communications between the colony and the
Shuttle. ORDER- cycle the shuttle airlock."

The Mirata's COMPUTER responds in a sweet chirp.

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

“Shuttle airlock cycle initiation sequence start.”

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

Cycle the Mirata cabin’s inner door

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

“One minute to cabin decompression.”

Jones SLAMS his fist down on the instrument panel, leaving a large DENT.



He tears his seatbelt off and hurls himself into the back of the shuttle.

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

"Forty seconds to cabin decompression."

As Jones begins pulling something out of a locker, we CUT TO:


Showing the Mirata flying closer. Suddenly, SOMETHING drops from light speed and decelerates in a blur. It's huge, but before we can learn more it flies behind the Marathon.


Jones finishes putting his COMBAT ARMOR on and slams a helmet down on his head. The suit is one of those high-tech things people are always predicting; sort of like the ODST outfits in Halo 2. And it's got a few surprises.

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

"Thirty seconds to cabin decompression."

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

"ORDER- prepare the shuttle for maximum engine burn."

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

"But that will result in a collision between the Marathon and the Mirata."

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

"That is not your concern. ORDER- prepare shuttle for maximum burn, and initiate when ready."

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

“Cabin decompression commencing. Shuttle airlock cycle initiation sequence completed.”

Jones wedges himself into the narrow airlock passage as the airlock opens and dumps the cabin atomsphere.


Suddenly, a TELEPORT effect appears in the void outside. It's too large to be human technology, which also requires 'jump pads' at each end.

Jones (filtered):

"Not one of ours..."

He watches as a small ship appears. The ship has an odd, curved appearance; in fact it's almost organic-looking, a mixture of browns, grays, and purples.

What matters right now is that the ship is on an attack course.

Mirata Computer (O.S., filtered):

"Maximum burn in five... Four..."

Running on sheer training, Jones throws himself into the nearby ESCAPE POD.


As the ALIEN FIGHTER launches a missile of some sort. The Mirata's computer counters by firing it's engines and launching the escape pod.

The escape pod rockets away as the shuttle explodes. The fighter disappears in another teleport effect.


Jones untangles himself as Durandal makes his presence known.

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

“That little computer always did have impeccable timing. I wonder if I should let the Aliens know that you aren’t just space debris? Hmmmnn...”

Jones plainly wishes he could shoot the AI.


"You can't do that, you damned computer!"

Durandal (V.O., filtered):

(Chuckles) “Ah, lucky you. I’ve found a new distraction. I'm going to play with the Alien virtual parasites. I’ll look you up when you arrive...”


As the pod flies in and connects to an airlock.


Jones, decked out in full combat gear, draws his gun. The gun is a standard-issue MEGA CLASS .44 pistol, which looks like a Wildey Moore Auto .44 Magnum with a small scope on top. Jones checks the clip (eight rounds), and pounds the airlock switch.

He looks around. There's something familliar about this, but he can't remember what it is...


With a DREAM effect to show that this is a memory of the distant past.

We see YOUNG JONES, a boy of about seven, standing beside a bed in a military hospital. Lying on the bed is Jones' FATHER, who has been shot to pieces and is clearly dying. His shredded uniform bears the markings of a MASTER SERGEANT in the UESC MARTIAN RESERVES.

Father (weak):

"Make me proud, son. Never lose your honor..."

Young Jones:

"Don't worry, Dad."


As a loud beeping indicates that the patient has flatlined. A single tear runs down the boy's cheek.



Jones is snapped back to reality be the shockstaff which has just slammed into his chest. His armor repels it using a crackling ENERGY SHIELD as he backs up and raises his pistol.

Say hello to the FIGHTER, the basic infantry unit of the PFHOR EMPIRE.

The Pfhor are a group of related species who make their living in an interstellar slave trade. They have a religion which Durandal will one day describe as "pathetically boring", an insect-like social structure, and a collection of technology stolen or captured from other cultures. Right now, they see the colony and the Marathon as easy sources of new labor.

The Fighter is a hairless, thin, green-skinned biped, about six feet tall and adapted to low gravity environments. Above it's breathing mask are three red eyes. It carries a SHOCKSTAFF; a long stick with a large crystal on the end, which can deliver contact zaps and throw bolts of energy.

The creature advances, waving it's staff and chattering in an alien tongue.


"Yeah, fuck you too."


The Fighter is blown backwards, yellow goo splattering on the walls and floor. Jones lines up as a group of reinforcements arrive.


Jones FIRES with inhuman speed and accuracy, spraying Pfhor internals everywhere. After checking the bodies for any signs of life (or un-deadness), he goes in search of a computer terminal.


Jones enters a LOUNGE nearby, built for the crews who normally handle things in the docking bay.

Surprise, surprise... There's another alien in here, back to us, trying to use the terminal. Jones flicks the .44's saftey a few times to get it's attenion.

The alien turns and we get our first view of a S'PHT.

The S'pht are a race of alien cyborgs, enslaved by the Pfhor and used for computer hacking and related jobs. The S'pht itself is little more than a brain in a mechanical housing, but they've got a few tricks handy. In appearance, the S'pht consists of a faceless, robotic head-and-shoulders type unit flying about seven feet off the floor. A red or purple cloak of some sort hangs from the "body".

Jones throws himself behind a rows of seats as the S'pht fires a plasma blast at him.


"Definitely one of those days..."

He stands and empties his clip into the advancing cyborg. With each hit, the entire S'pht's body FRITZES in an odd, static-like effect. Gun empty, Jones leaps forward, smashes a fist against the alien's metal exoskeleton...

...And hits the deck with a thud as the S'pht literally vaporizes under the impact.


"What the..."

He scrambles to his feet, the empty magazine clattering to the floor as he slaps a fresh one home. After sweeping the room for any other potential threats, he moves to the terminal, which is displaying green text on black.

Jones (typing rapidly):

"Come on, damn it, come on..."

After a few moments, a garbled voice become audible. Jones types another command and it stabilizes.

Leela (O.S., filtered/static):

"Secuity Officer Jones, is that you?"

Jones (relieved):

"Yeah. What the hell is going on?"

Leela (O.S., filtered):

"I have been badly damaged and am still working to understand the current situation. Tycho seems to be off-line and I can't contact Durandal. All crewmembers have been ordered to arm themselves and fight for their lives."


"Doesn't sound good. Where should I go from here?"

Leela (O.S., filtered/fritzed):

"You'll have to reach Engineering and get the defense drones on-line. The teleport system for this station is nonfunctional, but there's a working terminal in the Hangar 7 Control Room. The door appears to be jammed; you'll have to find a way in through the vent system. While you're at it, keep an eye out for surviving crewmembers and new alien lifeforms."



He DEACTIVATES the terminal and moves out.


Several Pfhor shuttles have landed on this, the colony's main landing field. The sound of human and alien weapons permeates the air as colonists and slavers duke it out.

A YOUNG WOMAN rises from behind a supply crate in F.G. Obviously another security officer, she wears a sleeveless shirt, gray pants, and black combat boots. Like Jones, she carries a Mega Class .44 and has no trouble using it. We will come to know this woman as TANYA, RECON 49.

Tanya fires, hitting a Fighter O.S. as a man with the same clothes and Terminator build breaks cover and sprints to her position. This is MAX, RECON 28.


"Tanya! Status!"


"Max, we're not going to last long if we can't get to that armory! (Fires again) How the hell did they get past our sensors?"


"Who cares? Leave that to the science department!"


Both empty their clips and look up as a new wave of shuttles approach.


"Damn, reinforcements! Let's get outta here!"

They turn and sprint OFFSCREEN, heading for cover as plasma flak hits the pavement all around.


Jones is crawling through an air shaft, homing in on a loud SCRAPING noise.


"Don't shoot!"

Jones halts as a Marathon crewmember crawls towards him. Known as BOBs (Born On Board) because they were born aboard the ship during it's 300-year voyage, the BOBs make up almost all of the colony's 24,000-man population. This one wears the green jumpsuit of the engineering team.


"About time I found someone. Where were you?"


"Working the airlock controls. I was about to guide the Mirata in when the system went dead and then those THINGS started appearing... They're everywhere!"


"So I saw. I'm trying to get the M.A.D.D.s on-line. Can you help?"


"I can try, sir. I think the control room's jump pads are still working."


"Good. Let's go."

He raises his .44 and moves on, the BOB crawling after him.


A pair of Fighters pace back and forth, chattering impatiently.


An armored fist punches through the vent cover in the ceiling overhead, .44 at the ready. Both Fighters are blown against the wall.

Jones (O.S.):

"Let's go!"

He jumps down and assists the BOB as he nervously scrambles through the opening. The BOB tries the terminal.


"The systems are functional. Where are we going?"


"Can it take me to an armory?"

The BOB types a command sequence.


"Good to go. Mind if I stay here?"


"You sure?"

The BOB nods and pulls a pistol out of a locker beside the terminal. After a moment Jones stands on the jump pad and disappears in a TV snow-like teleport effect.


Jones appears in a reverse of the effect we just saw. A Pfhor Fighter attacks almost immediately. Rather than waste ammo, Jones swings back and punches the Fighter. Yellow goo splatters all over.


"Contents under pressure, do not puncture."

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