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Posted By: Starship Security OfficerDate: 5/15/04 6:58 a.m.

Hey, I'm still trying to figure out Pfhorge now that I just got it, and I'm also wanting to know why it always says

"Shapes Not Found

Could not load textures, please set shapes location in the prefs..."

But anyway, I'm not only asking what it means by that, but I am also suggesting a scenario. The scenario would be called Crash Landing. It is in fact quite self explanatory. The first level is being on a small ship with some ship environment and a bunch of bobs standing around, as well as the ship's terminal named Opheltius. The terminal says nothing, until after about 15 seconds then you get an explosion as if you've killed a juggernaut (with the screen filling with white before fading back to view). The ship is hit! Bobs are running around. So then you activate the terminal, and it says, "We've been hit! My sensors tell me that it is far to powerful, so we can't fight back before this thing crashes onto a planet. Get to the escape teleportation platform! You'll be transported to Cykanus space station." After that, a secret door opens up somewhere in the ship, revealing a transportation platform. You walk into it. You teleport, but when you come back, you're still on the ship, and it has already crash landed on a Pfhor planet (where the Pfhor keep a bunch of their military bases). The ship is wrecked and there are bashed up corpses of the bobs, but the terminal is still intact. You walk up to it and read it. Opheltius says that the teleporter was defunct, and luckily you teleported back after the ship crashed. Unfortunately, all of your crew members are dead, it will say that you'll need to find a terminal that he manages to hijack that will get you off of this planet. he says that he might need you to carry out some things in order to do this, but until then, just explore this place. He would try to teleport down as much guns and ammunition as he can. So then, you set off with your loaded magnum. You'll be encountering pfhor bases, of course. You won't need to worry about only encountering pfhor terminals, some in which Opheltius will manage to contact you from, the pfhor have stored some Jjaro and S'pht terminals they found, and even some other human terminals, and you can be told a lot from reading them. Basically, that's it. Action, getting out of there, and reading those interesting messages from all the terminals. Hell, I was thinking... Maybe we could have the player encounter LEELA, a copy of Leela made by the Pfhor, who may have some valuable information, although it's a secret which you'll have to search very hard to find.

Well, that's my idea. Now, in Pfhorge, I would like to know what it means by the message that I put above my paragraph on the scenario. Also, I would like to know how the hell I put in floors and ceilings and walls.

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Scenario IdeaStarship Security Officer 5/15/04 6:58 a.m.
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