Re: Older posts archived
Posted By: Claude ErreraDate: 5/11/04 2:49 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Older posts archived (Callie21V)

: Claude,

: Is it possible to unlock the various Volunteers Series threads? They've
: continued to receive new, constructive replies, and what with the Story
: Page linking the trilogy threads and Steve archiving the Rubicon threads,
: are the best place to post new observations about any given level as they
: come up.

There's no real way to unlock a single thread; it's in an entirely separate forum now. :(

The wisest thing to do, I think, is if someone has new content for one of the threads, start a new thread, and in the very first post, link to the EXISTING, locked thread.

Not perfect, but at least there'll be SOME continuity.

It's the price we pay for 90's technology... :(

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