Re: Marathon polyurethane keychains PICs
Posted By: ErnieDate: 5/6/04 1:35 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon polyurethane keychains? Perhaps... (Steve Levinson)

: That's why I think that if we make one, it should be completely different
: than the original - not just a knock-off. I really like the idea of a
: crystal clear disk with a "ground glass" Marathon logo etched
: into the surface. It would be really cool, light weight and totally new.

After seeing that Crystal/frosted oversized chess piece, I'm sold on the idea. So much so, I decided to draft up two potential shapes I'd enjoy in keychain form. I'm sure Mr. Swan will let me/us know if either of the two have structural flaws, or benefits that would make one better for production than the other.

And of course:

I put some thought into the thickness of the item it's self - and to the depth of the engraving (as Steve Levinson referred to it) - and I'd like Mr. Swan's input on this, as well as forum goer's suggestions.

-Blayne [ernie]

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