Re: A voice back from the lock camp
Posted By: Andrew NagyDate: 5/6/04 11:52 a.m.

: And that doesn't happen already? =P
: Yes, there's always the risk of the forum becoming so infested by n00bs that
: it's useless to the rest of us, but somehow I don't think that a handful
: of Halo converts will kill us. After all, some of our more serious posters
: of today entered the forum that way. I'm much more concerned with the
: forum being co-opted by all the Halo fans who know nothing about
: Marathon and don't want to know anything about Marathon. I just thought
: that my response to Craig would be a lot more helpful than the sort of
: "buzz off" responses we gave Stephen. If Craig actually takes
: the time to follow the links and play Marathon, chances are he'll have
: more to say here than mindless drivel. And now I can always cite that post
: in response to other Halo n00bs crashing our forum.

And if the thread is locked, they can come in through Google, read the thread, read that post, and find out about Marathon.

The more posts get added to the thread (including this, if I hadn't started a new one), the harder it will be for Googlers to read the whole thing looking for Halo info, and get some idea of what we're about. Right?

Re: A voice back from the lock camp

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