...Bad news
Posted By: Me_43Date: 5/1/04 8:33 p.m.

I'm sure two or three of you have heard of Adroit Nadir; it's a Marathon TC I was doing. Well, unsurprisingly, work had gradually slowed down, but relatively recently I started developing an alternative to AO... Well what's the point of continuing AN? So with this work has ceased.

A fair few more of you have probably heard of Me's Massive Netpack... it seems somewhat popular judging from the number of downloads on fileball (46th most popular download I think it was); I was going to make a fourth MMN release and indeed have it about one third finished (The work was converting the AN maps to Infinity, and also going through and troubleshooting/improving the other maps) but just yesterday the ummm "below average" PM5500 I was making it on started going WHURRR-WHUDUDUD WHIRRIRIRIRIR CHSHSHCH, probably continuing to use it would be extremely foolish. So probably, no new MMN.

Oh and btw I tried posting both this site and the AN=dead news on Scenario News, well they suck.

Adroit Nadir site; going offline soon-ish

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...Bad newsMe_43 5/1/04 8:33 p.m.
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