RED Volunteers: Jägermeister's Nightmare
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 4/12/04 10:54 a.m.

Jägermeister was an old-time Marathoner who was active around the time of RED's development (he left the scene when Bungie was bought by Microsoft). Apparently, most of the feedback he gave to Ian about RED betas was that it wasn't nearly colorful enough, thus inspiring one of the terminals in the morgue 2 levels back and the name of this level, in which the only thing you'll be seeing 90% of the time is the "rock" texture. His current project is the webcomic Rugg- and I see his latest news post includes a look back at his Marathon days and a complaint about the lack of color in RED. There must be some conspiracy here.

Now, on to the fighting...

You're dropped into a desolate canyon full of Organics, accompanied by a squad of marines and a few Assault Drones. Mop up everything, starting with the golden Beast to your left, and including the Metalloids inside the nearby structure. Watch out for the swarm of Beetles that drops in when you enter. Read the terminal for a briefing.

Ian is not having a good day. The terminal opens with an amusing reference to a part of the military not usually touched on by Marathon scenarios, then gets straight to business, accompanied by screenshots from the Marathon Map Viewer. First, you see two bombed-out buildings; there's a pattern buffer in one of these. Next, there's info on a task you'll have to perform here: Convert a mine to a shaped charge, place it on a wall, and use it to blow open a new area. This means that you should not use the mine layer at all on this level- if you run out of mines, you're screwed and have to start over. Bad, bad Ian. The best way to handle this would be to provide 2 or 3 mine items right at the blast location, so it would be impossible to arrive there without any mines, but Ian hasn't done this, so no mine laying for you. Then, Ian explains the second objective: The Metalloids have bypassed the human defense system, and you have to go re-bypass it and then hurry to rescue anyone you can before it gets turned back on. Finally, there's mention of a "base" somewhere in the level, with a shield charger- only it's named an "armor repolymerizer". This completes the conversion of the Marathon "shield" system to the RED "armor" system, and explains why the shield canisters look like armor now. The final thing Ian says is that to go to the downed Pfhor ship, you have to return to this terminal. The logout message is a creepy taunt from Michael. Head out by climbing up the crates and jumping out the hole in the wall.

Time to take on the catacombs... As you enter, a few Beasts and Metalloids attack. Kill them, then edge out over the mud pit until you can see the eyes of the exploding Beetles at the end. Shoot them from a distance, and head up the east side of the mud. Fight off the Beasts and more exploding Beetles, and find the sealed off door... Hmm. We'll get back to this later.

Go up the west side of the first mud passage, kill the Beasts, and pick up the poor marine's ammo. When you come to the room, we see one drawback of the Conch- it's a very sprite-intensive weapon, so using it in a huge encounter like this one causes the monsters to randomly appear and disappear as the engine hits its rendering limits. Just hold down the trigger for as long as you can hear its impact sound, then mop up anyone farther away. Eventually, you'll come to the 2 buildings you saw earlier in the terminal. A vast horde of Organics and Metalloids is beating up on some human forces, including 2 Spider Tanks. Wait for the tanks to be exploded, then pour fire on the remainder until they go bezerk. Watch out for Major Floaters in the distance shooting guided energy balls at you. The Conch has enough range to reach the pile of ammo visible from your vantage point, and the ledge to the left. Kill everything available, then jump down onto that ledge and use it to reach the hole in the eastern building. There are 2 mine packs in here- one will be loaded into your gun if you're empty, this can't be avoided since abstaining from Conch usage on this level is suicide. The other is for demolition. Again- do not use the mines as weapons. Continue south along the canyon.

When the ambush hits, pull back to avoid getting killed by the Gunner up on the ledge. The assault drone can take care of himself, so kill all the Beasts at ground level and then head back and clean up the Metalloids. At the end of the canyon is the demolition point. Tab it, retreat, and then head into the opening and take the south branch (north is blocked off). Kill everything here, then go up the path until you can turn off into a darkened area. In here is a 1x charger and a switch that opens the north branch off the exploded area. There's also a Metalloids who teleports in outside the room upon your entrance.

As you enter the north area, you'll be hit by a bunch of Metalloids, including a pair of Gattlers coming up the path from the save point (speaking of which, you might want to head back and use it, since you're almost certainly down to 1x health now). Beyond the ambush is the 2 pillars and the switch you've been ordered to hit. They're guarded by a powerful new enemy which I can only call an Omega Beetle. They have much more health than a normal beetle, they move faster, and they fire the same fireballs as the Omega Raptor. Just run away, there's nothing else important in there (after hitting the switch of course).

Next, head back to the save point and climb the path directly beneath the building you originall emerged from, heading north. Once you pass under the force field point, look back up at the gate and shoot the switch on the opposite side (use the shotgun shells near the tree if you're low). This opens the large metal gate. The next area I had a lot of trouble with- There's a massive ambush that appears as you approach the spider tank, including some MEtalloids from behind. Run back out the gate; the Organics can't cross it. Kill the Gattler who's back there, then wait for the fighting to die down and kill anyone left. Feel free to run all the way back to the health charger, the next area is tricky (just don't piss off the Omega Beetles on the way). After the main battle area is yours, head into the passageway and then immediately run back out as you are attacked by a Raptor and a set of exploding Beetles. Keep going around the corner, pick up the mines, and use them to blow a hole in another wall. In here is a large battle between some marines, some Metalloids, and some Organics, including - heavens to Betsy - Omega Turtles! Kill everything, then keep going to the terminal.

Joshua and Michael are still arguing, and you've been promoted to Joshua's "pet". We still don't quite know why they are so interested in you, except that you seem to be connected to a warrior who fought against the brothers in the distant past. Gee, who could that be? :P Note that Joshua still doesn't know exactly why Michael was interested in this planet, nor what his real agenda is.

Finally, you have access to the home base Ian promised you. Use the 2x charger, save, and hit the switch. The door puts you on one of the fortified ledges overlooking the battle area. Jump back down, then head up into the Omega Turtle area. Run across the mud (it's not deep or damaging) and enter the underground passage at the other end, Head south until a door opens in front of you, then jump in, turn left, and swim up the mud. You're back at the start of the level, where you can read Ian's incredulity on the terminal. Hit escape to avoid teleporting, we're not done with this level yet.

The first secret is a second message on the brothers' terminal. This one reveals quite a bit more information than the first. Joshua convinced Michael to open up a little while you were finishing the level, and was apparently promised unlimited power after the plan is completed; one assumes Joshua is meant to provide something as well. Whatever it is, Joshua has accepted the plan, which also seems to involve you. That last remark from Joshua is a bit of foreshadowing about what exactly he plans to do with you, which will be revealed after the next level. Joshua's original plan was to completely infect the universe and put all life in it under his control. What would be the opposite of that? Michael has already said that absence is perfection.

The second secret is much more interesting. Return to the start of the level (again) and take the east path on the slime river. A set of Omega Beetles challenges you, kill them and jump into the hole. At the end of the passage, you find a large room guarded by an Omega Raptor; kill him and ride up the elevator. A single Fighter tempts you into the room, which teleports you to the next level. I believe this was meant to be the real end of the level, not a simple terminal teleport, and that Ian inserted the teleport earlier because testers were getting too confused. But anyway- On to Tastes Like Evil...

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