help!!! technical problem!
Posted By: Johannes GunnarDate: 4/7/04 3:00 p.m.

Today i got the great idea to spray (stencil) a marathon logo on my old electric guitar. I went to my mac, launched photoshop and after few minutes i got everything print ready (the outlines of the marathon logo) so i could print it, cut it out, put it on the guitar and then spray over it. Well when i was going to print out i found out that the printer wasn't working. or in other words, it wasn't in the printer list. i remembered that two days ago i fooked up osx by trying to install panther with a corrupted cd. It took my current os 10.2 system folder and put it in a backup folder and then installed panther, but only 20% of it. The computer got crazy, so i reinstalled Jaguar but everything was fooked. I managed to fix everything except the printer. I decided to try to install the driver but it didn't work, the installer launched and then quit again. I went to the backup folder of the old system folder and found the drivers and copied them to the right place in the current system folder, then i could see the printer in the print center and i tried to add it but it just gave me an error. I have tried to verify and repair disks permissions but nothing helps. Has anybody any ideas on what to do?

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help!!! technical problem!Johannes Gunnar 4/7/04 3:00 p.m.
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