Re: Correction
Posted By: Dr. John SumnerDate: 4/1/04 4:48 a.m.

In Response To: Correction (Steve Levinson)

: I misspoke on completing Medatron of the Void on Deathwish and I don't want
: to mislead everyone. I was so elated at finishing the second half of the
: level that I forgot what I had to do to finish the first half - to use a
: saved game cheat just before entering the room with the first pattern
: buffer and drop down to what Ian calls Major Damage just to be able to
: survive that room. That was after I think some 40 attempts without
: resorting to cheating. Of course, I could have just played the first half
: on Major Damage, but I could handle Deathwish for all but that one room
: and the saved game cheat was a way to stop the game and just concentrate
: on every approach to surviving that one room. I just couldn't do it. I'll
: be very curious to hear from Mark and John about their experiences with
: this next week.

Steve, I hear ya. I had trouble with this level also. I'll save my comments until next week, but this is one of four levels where I also had to drop down to an easier setting to finish a portion of it. So, don't feel too bad. :) I agree that it is doable on DW, but IMO it would take many, many attempts to complete it. Like you, I simply did not have the patience to keep trying.

Have a good trip this weekend.

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