OpenGL in A1
Posted By: BadKarma9000Date: 3/29/04 2:32 p.m.

Interesting situation...

I've been attempting to get these Hi-Rez Texture Packs to work with my Windows XP install of Aleph One. I'm using files succesfully imported from my Marathon Trilogy Mac CD, and everything works great normally.

My graphics card is a GeForce 5900 built by BFGTech and interestingly enough M1A1 is the only Aleph One operation that successfully uses OpenGL. I get fog, static effects, transparent fluids, and the new textures when using M1A1's version of Aleph One... Great!

I also have the newest version of Aleph One for Windows (released last Summer, downloaded from the Open Source website), and not only does that downloaded version not have a "Scripts" folder (though we've discovered that the Windows version of A1 uses a "MML" folder as a substitute), but it is NOT using OpenGL. No error messages, nothing. It just won't give me any fog, any transparency, and (most importantly), its not using the new Textures (which require OpenGL working, in order to work).

Does anyone on here use the Windows version of Aleph One and experienced anything similar to this? Should I post this question elsewhere?

I don't understand why M1A1's OpenGL works GREAT, while the Aleph One newest version doesn't. Strange.

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