RED Volunteers: Why did it stop...?
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 3/29/04 9:46 a.m.

This small level is extremely tight, consisting mostly of corridors about a WU across, and it's easily the hardest level we've done so far, since it's so intolerant of mistakes. There's no health (until the very end), no room to maneuver, and monsters around every corner. It also contains a suicide trap, which you'll have to be careful of later in the level.

The first thing you see when you enter is a pair of Bobs getting pulverized by a pair of Beasts; roast them (and try to avoid roasting the Bobs, or let the Beasts kill them, so you can kill them them and take their ammo) and head left to drop down a hole in the floor (there's a number of vents in the walls with ammo in them, make sure to take it all). A Bob and a Beetle face off- the Bob usually doesn't have enough room to back away and shoot down at the beetle, so the encounter is a bit one-sided. Help him, then kill the Beast in the small room ahead. In that room is a ladder, take it up to a narrow hallways full of Beetles. Once you take care of them, you emerge back into the hallway you started in, but there's a new switch visible; push it and the smaller switch around the corner to open some sort of incredibly cramped elevator shaft.

The Mercury is best for taking care of the Beetles, then pulverize the Larva in the next hall. Take the next ladder up, and you have two choices. If you go straight, you get a lot of Beasts, some ammo, and a switch. What this switch does is to raise half of the elevator you just passed through. If you then fall off this half, as far as I know you are trapped in the first area of the level, so be careful when taking on the next room. If you go to the right, you get a swarm of Beetles. The easiest way to take care of them is to wait until they all move to the right, then step into the corridor and Mercury them all through the slit between the two walls. After that, head to the left end to kill some Beasts and get a bit of ammo, then return to the elevator room and prepare to take on the next section of the level.

As you approach this room, you'll probably get charged by a Gold Beast. There isn't enough room to use the pulse rifle, and he's immune to flame, so you'll have to Mercury him too. Try to do it from farther back around the corner, it takes a few seconds and half a clip and you don't want to get nailed by the exploding Beetle, which will usually kill you at 1x health. After this room, you can see a pattern buffer- don't go for it, it's booby-trapped in more ways than one. Firstly, there's a red health capsule to the right, but it's guarded by a huge swarm of Beetles. Rush in, grab it, then retreat to the larger room and use hit-and-run tactics with the Mercury to kill them while keeping most of your health. Then, activate the PB from outside the room, because the room itself is an automatic exit teleporter. I suspect Ian intended the player to rush in, grab the capsule, rush into the PB room, save, and teleport out before getting shot in the back by all the Beetles, but that's not consistent with the slow, careful progress of the rest of the level.

Prepare to drink vacuum, fool...

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