But wait, there's more!
Posted By: AnaphielDate: 3/15/04 6:22 p.m.

I'm getting pretty close to finishing a piece that I thought I would use for one of the ending screens for M1A1. Even though it's against my religion, I thought I'd show it even though it's not quite done.

What's left to do? Overall cleanup, more detailing/damaging of the armor, maybe somemore pointless detail on the background, making his face look more like Barney Fife in order to stay consistent with the Counterattack piece... ;) Maybe ditch the AR (which I blatantly reused from the Counterattack piece) and replace it with the SPNKR or something. Maybe give him a right arm. You tell me what it needs.

The link below has a couple of the work in progress shots too, so you can see the original sketch and a color/value rough if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Work in Progress

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