Re: Whats up with "Master Cheif"
Posted By: Adam AshwellDate: 2/21/04 6:43 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Whats up with "Master Cheif" (zirman)

: The Spartan program was funded by the Navy and so it was probably deemed
: appropriate that the Spartans be given a Navy rank. Now as for why the CM
: (the proper abbreviation for Master Chief, I know, I'm active duty Navy)
: is not made and officer is probably because he is more of a tool to be
: used than the brains. CM is the highest enlisted rank although there are
: actually higher ones that are basically desk jockeys.

: The SeALs are a special program and their rules are a little different than
: the rest of the Navy. Officers and Enlisted can become SeALs but I do not
: know exactly how their chain of command works. To become a SeAL one must
: first have a rate or job one is qualified for like Boatswains mate to even
: qualify. Then you have to apply for the program and pass other physical
: qualifications. The Spartan program is a different in that it is an
: exclusive group that was chosen from childhood.

Who said that Halo got this stuff from the American Navy? Hell, it could've been the Icelandic navy. We all know that one day the Icelanders shall rule the earth, using their inferiors as slaves to construct their massive llama stoarge pens, and of course Bungie knows it too.

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Re: Whats up with "Master Cheif"zirman 2/21/04 6:20 p.m.
     Re: Whats up with "Master Cheif"Adam Ashwell 2/21/04 6:43 p.m.

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