Evil Volunteers: View From The Edge
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 2/12/04 1:18 p.m.

As we mentioned last time, accessing the secret solo level in Evil is done by vid-starting directly on the last level in the scenario. Not a very satisfying approach, but at least everyone can play it without having to sleuth around for that secret terminal or alternate exit. In any case, this is a rather contrived level in which a group of bobs sent on a mission to a pfhor base become infected by a virus that makes them mad so that they attack anything that moves. In other words, this is a simple, everyone's against you, extermination level. You are instructed not to let anyone out alive. Of course, there's never an explanation as to why you aren't infected with the virus or why you should be able to leave without carrying the infection with you to other UESC installations.

The actual layout is much more like that of a net level than a solo level, with a circular design and lots of places to snipe your opponents. The layout is more or less like a tiered wedding cake, with the player clearing out each layer and then dropping down to the next. The player starts out in the center of the top layer, which is arrayed with 4 spokes radiating outward, each of which will have either bobs or pfhor teleport in when you enter them. There is a pattern buffer, terminal and 3X power-up where the player starts. Be sure to save the power-up until after clearing out the top layer - it will be desperately needed on the next series of layers, where power-ups are at a premium and pattern buffers are absent. There are a couple of 1X power-ups at the end of 2 of the spokes on the top layer but, be warned, monsters will teleport in when you grab them. Although ammo is very limited, the bobs do serve as an excellent source of fusion ammo and, if you play it right, the pfhor will take them out for you. Although this is an extermination level, since the monsters teleport in, you can elect to explore only one spoke, but you may miss out on collecting fusion ammo if you do so.

Once the top level has been cleared, the player needs to drop down any one of the shafts at the end of the spokes - this is a one-way trip, so be sure to collect all available ammo and that 3X canister. Also, there are simulcrums at the bottom of two of the shafts, so be sure to look in map view first, where they will be visible in as blue dots, and chose a different shaft if one is present! The next layer down consists of a large circular open space that is bisected by a couple of watch towers to the north and south and bob-filled rooms to the east and west. This results in 4 distinct quadrants to explore. Again, only one of these need be entered, but there is a huge amount of ammo to be collected in each quadrant, but an equally huge number of monsters will teleport in, too, including 2 juggernauts per quadrant. Fortunately, one of the juggers will often be taken out by the bobs or the pfhor, and the other often ends up in a stalemate with one of the monsters, usually a trooper, but not always. The watch towers also provide some heavy ammo - the nuke weapon in one and the SPNKR in the other - as well as 1X power ups and some fusion bobs who won't like you. Movement among the quadrants is through the watch towers or the bob-filled rooms. The bobs are simple simulcrums and easily taken out. The path to the next layers down is through either of these rooms to the central section.

From here the player can either jump down one or two layers - there are advantages and disadvantages either way. Eventually they must enter an elevator that is guarded by a jugger to get to the next layer down. Note that the elevator is touchy and can easily return back up, leaving the player stranded below - not that there is any reason to return upward. The area at the bottom of the elevator is referred to as a second tower, but it by no means is as well developed as the primary central structure and this can be misleading. Be sure to explore the area for a flat wall that looks to be about the right size for a terminal - you might find something. Additionally, there is a non-secret terminal, a pattern buffer and a 2X power-up down here. Leading off from here is a series of caves that are populated with pfhor, and that lead to a large, open sewage-filled area. The player can spend a lot of time here taking out the many troopers populating the bluffs overlooking the sewage, but they need only dive into the sewage and head back toward the center of the complex through an airlock. When they reach the center, they will be greeted by a MOAB - a mother of all bobs who packs a mean fusion bite and is nearly invincible. If you brought some nuke packets or rockets with you (preferably both), these are your best bet for taking him out. Fortunately, he will not leave the center region, although he'll move around to try to get a better shot at you, but you can always dodge him by hiding behind walls. Once he's gone, simply log into the terminal to be taken to the final screen. Seems this was not virus at all, but a neurotoxin injected by a cybernetic flea. Pretty lame again if you ask me.

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