Re: Idea Achiever
Posted By: Vid BoiDate: 1/28/04 7:15 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Idea Achiever (D-M.A.)

: Just a day or two ago there was a guy from Bungie here ;) And Matt used to
: drop by once in a while before. I agree though, not the best way to get in
: touch with Bungie, this is a forum for Marathon fans. We don't even know
: what Halo is ;)

Yeah, we've been locked out of the whole community... We don't know what Halo is, we call Claude "Claude", and when the others say "wow, this was in Marathon" we say "wow, this is in Halo?"

Matt was our only link to the outside world. We are a prisoner locked up in a tower, and we are so secret that nobody knows of our existance except for the guard who comes to give us our food - and now he's gone and died, without telling anyone about us. We're stuck here forever!!

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