Re: Need cd
Posted By: the Battle CatDate: 1/24/04 7:22 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Need cd (James Smith)

: Hmm... he could do that, but here's my slant on it: Why bother? Microsoft has
: said specifically that they don't have any interest in ever developing
: older franchises like the Marathon trilogy, and I think Marathon is old
: enough that it could just go into the public domain without making a fuss.
: There isn't a real tangible profit that could be made from it anymore,
: IMHO, also, I'll bet you that once the Mac Action Sacks at Bungie get sold
: out, that will be it--they're not gonna blow money manufacturing an
: eight-year-old game, I think. Of course, you're right, but if the guy
: wants to play Marathon, I say, since it's been

: ==== EIGHT FREAKIN' YEARS!!! ====

: since M1's release, I say: Why not?

: James

Because: since it's not yours to give away, it would be stealing no matter how hard you try to position yourself or explain things away. The fact that it is still for sale and therefore not public domain is irrefutable. I believe stealing is wrong, your belief system may differ, further discussion will not sway either of us. My advice to all is to follow your conscience, do the right thing.

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

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