Re: Need cd
Posted By: James SmithDate: 1/23/04 7:31 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Need cd (the Battle Cat)

: Whoa! The Action Sack is back! I didn't realize it was back in stock. YES,
: this is the way to go, get the Action Sack from the Bungie store. For 10
: measly bucks you get all of Bungie's early work, all three Marathons and
: Forge and Anvil. Plus you get a clean conscience... although you'll still
: probably go to Hell Hole.

: Gary Simmons
: the Battle Cat

Hmm... he could do that, but here's my slant on it: Why bother? Microsoft has said specifically that they don't have any interest in ever developing older franchises like the Marathon trilogy, and I think Marathon is old enough that it could just go into the public domain without making a fuss. There isn't a real tangible profit that could be made from it anymore, IMHO, also, I'll bet you that once the Mac Action Sacks at Bungie get sold out, that will be it--they're not gonna blow money manufacturing an eight-year-old game, I think. Of course, you're right, but if the guy wants to play Marathon, I say, since it's been


since M1's release, I say: Why not?


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