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I am supposed to describe myself here, but think I shall decline. How do I tell you about me, as I pervade eternity? Words are feeble creations indeed to adequately describe the vastness of the universe. It is best that you learn for yourself.

Go gaze into the void and see the poetry in the endless dark between the stars. But beware of the gaze that looks back; enlightenment and insanity meet within infinity, both unbounded. What you feel, when the hair rises on your neck and the gooseflesh rises on your arms as you gaze out beyond your horizon, is the touch of the blessed madness that comes from contemplating the All. Can you know which aspect of the cosmos it is that peers back into your soul? Can you learn to endure the caress of the Dragon in the mayfly span that is yours?

Such it is in eternity. Learn if you can.

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