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Ignore below, I'm just leaving it there for posterity - I officially 'completed' my Bungie collection in 2018. The reason why I say 'completed' is because I never found a sealed copy of the Japanese version of Marathon 2 for Mac, despite looking on old Japanese auction sites and other online marketplaces several times a day for over 4 years. I managed to find everything else, including some insane rarities such as a complete in box copy of Operation Desert Storm and the Samsung Korean release of Marathon 2 Durandal: CIVILIAN X (such a corny 90's subtitle, I love it).

I decided to sell the whole collection in late 2018 to fund a potential move back to Japan after realising my sealed Super Marathon was worth around $1500 AUD (crazy, right?), and all I have left now are some bits and pieces that I think are simply cool to own, such as a sealed Marathon floppy version, Japanese Windows 95 version of Marathon 2 (CIB, I use the disc on vintage PCs), USA and Japanese PiDs (CIB), the Action Sack, etc. COVID-19 ruined my Japan plans and I lost a lot of money in the process, chances are I would've been completely broke if I hadn't sold my Bungie collection, so thanks to everyone who helped me collect it all in the first place. Shout out to Attain in Japan for selling me their remaining stock of Japanese Bungie games, Richard Moss for Operation Desert Storm, Suruga-ya for the lottery that were "new" game purchases (half the time they were disc only, but the price was worth the risk...), and all you random eBayers and Yahoo Auctions users.


Actively searching for the following Bungie titles:

- Marathon 2: Durandal for Macintosh (sealed)
- Marathon 2: Durandal Japanese version for Macintosh (sealed or CIB)
- Marathon 2: Durandal German version, runs on both Win95 and Mac (sealed)
- Marathon 1 CD version (sealed)
- Pathways into Darkness 1st release (sealed or CIB)
- Operation Desert Storm (sealed or CIB)

If you know anything, and I mean ANYTHING at all about acquiring any of these games, please contact me at one of the following:


Assemblergames.com (username: DeChief)
bungie.net (username: DeChief)
Xbox Live Gamertag: DeMasterchief7
nintendoage.com (username: DeChief)

(Hilariously, it's been so long since I updated my profile that both AssemblerGames and NintendoAge no longer exist, and bungie.net's forums are beyond dead. RIP The Flood.)

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