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Re: mnemesis: my theory (HAHAHAHAHAHA)
Posted By: alex crossDate: 7/1/03 12:06 p.m.

In Response To: Re: mnemesis: my theory (HAHAHAHAHAHA) (Nerrolken)

: That was a brilliant analysis. However, I must say that some of the things
: that were weakest in your argument, (aside from things like the grunts'
: statements), could be explained away through simple simplification. What
: if the "Forerunner Civil War" was not between a single,
: genetically homogenous race like Humanity, but more like the American
: Civil War, but expanded onto a galactic, multi-racial scale: the so-named
: "B-Forerunners" and "H-Forerunners" applying closer to
: Humans and Covenant. Their cultures were so different that civil war was
: inevitable. Here is the cliff-notes of my theory, which I will post on HBO
: as soon as I finish fleshing it out: In ancient times the Humans and the
: Covenant were in contact with each other, and while the contact was
: probably not amiable, it was at least peaceful. (It should be noted that
: the "Covenant" referred to in this theory could either be the
: Covenant as we know it, or just the Prophets, and possibly Elites, the
: other races having joined since.) The two began to compete, until, much
: like the recent Cold War on Earth, they began an open policy of
: I'll-take-you-down-with-me. The two hated each other, but they did have a
: similar culture, much like Russian and American culture was similar in
: many ways, despite their mutual hatred, hence the similar symbols.
: Finally, as the final deterrent, one side created the Flood. Being Human,
: I'd like to think it was the Covenant, but one cannot rule out the idea
: that it was us. When the war finally broke out, it progressed much the the
: game HALO itself: what was originally a Human-Covenant war soon became an
: Everybody-Flood war. When the catastrophe was finally contained, the
: Humans used some of their outposts, the Halos, as containment and research
: facilities, hence the very human-looking design of the Halos and the
: Human-friendly environment. After a while another disaster, be it another
: war with the Covenant or a catastrophic break-out of the Flood, called for
: the use of the Halos. On our particular Halo, 343-GS is asked by the
: resident operator whether he would set off the Halos, hence 343-GS's
: statement about how the MS asked him whether he would "do it."
: As these Halos are set off, it kills off all life, or at least intellegent
: life, within the blast radius. Obviously, the Human's research stations
: and military installations would be inside their territory, so the blast
: would hurt them more. (Not such an odd idea, when you realize that nuclear
: weapons, while detonated over enemy territory, would cause incredible
: damage to one's own territory, let alone the damage from retaliation.)
: Thus, the humans were almost completely wiped out, aside from one remote
: planet on the outskirts of the previous Human, or Forerunner, territory.
: Even Earth was hit, though, with a glancing blow, and this is why Humans
: have no memory of their past: Earth was washed enough to ALMOST destroy
: all intellegent life, but it left enough for us to come back. As the
: Covenant, who were also greatly damaged by this act, but no where near as
: much as the Humans/Forerunners, come across Humanity as WE know it, they
: simply recognize their old enemy, and revive the old war.

: This is a very, very shortened version, so anything that may seem odd or
: unexplained will be, but I thought I'd throw it out there for you to
: ponder.

: --Nerrolken

Hmmm, that does seem to apply a lot more common sense then I did. However, there is still once weakness. if indeed the humanity constructed the Halo rings, and the Covenant recognize their old enemy, would not they recognize these rings? And yet in the game, the Covenant are referring to these as "Holy Shrines", and will protect them from humans at all costs. The Covenant said these rings are obviously of divine technology. Now if religion was not a factor in this game, I would def believe your theory, but the fact is that calling the rings holy implies that the Covenant have never seen their creators.

Also, the correct assumption is that there are multiple Halos, and one no doubt located near Covenant airspace? I think, if your theory is correct, they would remember perfectly well who created the ring, in THEIR territory. And yet the same technology was given to the Covenant by the gods (the forerunner), as in Halo: The Flood a prophet accuses Zamamee of blasphemy against forerunner technology that the Covies use, when he argues his case for dangers posed by the Master Chief.

Aight, those are my two cents anyway, but I like the common sense applied a lot.

As for the grunt thing...well, I got no excuses for usin that ;)

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