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Re: So many theories.
Posted By: alex crossDate: 6/22/03 11:34 p.m.

In Response To: So many theories. (Simpsons Rule)

Hahaha, no doubt dude! ;)

One thing though, when I discuss the elite forerunner symbol, you don't find that symbol specifically on Halo anywhere. Look at the symbol on a dead cloaked elite, a black spec op elite, or a gold elite, it's the same no matter what. Now, when you see that symbol, try and look for it around Halo; you won't find it. Why? Cuz the symbol may mean something treasured for the Benevolent Forerunner that the Covenant follow, like a sense of justice, and there's NO reason why a symbol of justice would be found on Halo, or anywhere these fanatical forerunners occupied. That's what I was trying to convey, sorry if I was vague as hell.

As for the smart A.I.s, yes 100,000 years alone will do wierd things to ya, but the fact is he still takes the time to monitor humans that are descended from a race that don't even visit him! Needless he to say he's a curious little bastard. But yes, quick translating software is definitely an option. Still though...Bungie's full of crafty devil spawn. ;)

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