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So many theories.
Posted By: Simpsons RuleDate: 6/22/03 11:19 p.m.

In Response To: mnemesis: my theory (HAHAHAHAHAHA) (alex cross)

: Some evidence that supports my theory

: -The elite symbol is not found on Halo at all I believe, so it might not have
: been a widely used symbol for the H-forerunner

The Forerunner symbol is used widely on Halo. Its everywhere.

: -The grunts keep saying while shooting "die devil!"

: -Guilty Spark is insane as a result of being exposed to a forerunner civil
: war with complex emotions he can't understand, and has spent so much time
: trying to, yet seems persistant in carrying out his tasks. He's spent time
: monitoring the communications of the H-forerunner, and as a result has had
: to learn multiple languages (ENGLISH...he spoke English people)

Guilty Spark seems to be what we call a "smart" AI. The "smart" AIs we have some up with so far, only last 7 years until they literally begin to think too much. Now Guilty Spark has been around for over 100,000 "local" years. I know the Forerunners were an advaced specie but I doubt if even they could come up with an AI that lasts that long without it having effects on its "mental state." As for it speaking english, well how else could you understand it? I mean it's a game. Seriously though, Guilty Spark could just have very good translation software far beyond anything we would have come up with.

: -The Covenant no doubt regard the H-forerunner as evil, but are willing to
: use their weaponry against them, which almost symbolizes a temptation from
: their form of hell. Halo is a holy place, but one that should be wielded
: wisely; obviously, as all those who try to wield extreme power, they fail

: -I said the Covenant destroyed a Halo, which can be recently explained by the
: X-factor quote of us battling on multiple Halo ruins. BOOYAH!

Or it could just be one of the estimated seven Halos that exist.

: Well I know I didn't cover every little detail, but this should give a very
: good yet general idea of where the Halo plot is leading. If anyone sees
: flaws, things I could build on, or if anyone has questions, I'm happily
: all ears.

So many theories have come up. I wonder if we're even close to figuring out what Bungie has in store for us in Halo 2. You've obviously put a lot of thought into this and its a well thought out theory. I guess we'll have to wait for Halo 2 ;)

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