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You suck!
Posted By: Jamirus99 <>Date: 5/3/03 2:38 p.m.

In Response To: MY theories on the book (Jerry)

: I theorize that this book is a prequel to Halo: The Fall of Reach. I base
: this on several things, but some could apply to the book being in between
: Halo and Halo 2.

: First of all, the title is "First Strike" - hello! Do we have any
: clue what happened when the Covenant attacked humans, and why? Well, yes.
: We have a clue, but that's about it.

: Also, many hours have been spent on the speculation of why Nylund didn't
: return to do The Flood. Most people assumed he sucked and Dietz is a much
: better writer. I didn't. I think it's fairly obvious that while both books
: are Halo, they're also both very different. One revolves heavily around
: space/combat (which is something Eric is pretty familiar with, if the
: titles of his books are any indiciation), and the second is almost
: entirely ground combat. Two completely different styles, and I think they
: require different authors. Also, having Dietz write The Flood freed up
: Eric to work on First Strike for a much longer amount of time.

: The only thing is... I imagine that the time in between Halo and Halo 2 is
: space/combat-ish. I doubt Bungie'd have the Master Chief in action without
: us controlling him. And I also doubt that First Strike is the official
: Halo 2 novel - that'd just be ridiculous. Unless Halo 2 came out before
: the book... and Bungie's clarified that it WILL NOT. So there.

: Another thing to consider... who says there's ANY time in between Halo and
: Halo 2? The opening scene could be the Master Chief and Cortana walking
: into the bridge of some Captain / Admiral's ship after piloting the
: Longsword there and debriefing. Who knows? I also don't think it'd be very
: cool of Bungie to make you HAVE to buy the novel to know the story. Which
: implies very little action between the two games, to me.

: Mmkay, well... that was fun. Feel free to rip my post to shreds and tell me
: how I suck. Later.

Well, I was only follwong orders. And nobody here likes Dietz, so I don't know what you're talking about.....the few "ground engagements" with MC in FoR were better than all of H:tF, so I'd be ready for Nylund's book to kick all kinds of asses.

My Theory on The Flood

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