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Re: The Return.....Our Pleas Heard
Posted By: Skeletor <>Date: 5/3/03 12:41 a.m.

In Response To: Re: The Return.....Our Pleas Heard (BOLL)

: I haven't read the threads about Halo: The Flood, in case of spoilers... but,
: is there anyone else that gets annoyed by all the ingame dialogue that you
: recognize?... Actually... I get theese gameplay flashbacks all the time
: when reading, and it's not pleasant, I just want to play instead :(

: I loved Nylunds book, I have to read it again after The Flood... Glad he's
: back in bizinez! ;)

Yep, I totally agree. As I read through the book I found that the author seemed to be so concerned with describing environments and events as they appeared in the game that, firstly, he basically overlooked any major character development so that I never found myself caring at all for their problems, and secondly, my imagination could never break free of the miniscule and unimpressive situations (in terms of a book) that I witnessed for myself during the game.

Not to dawdle too long on my thoughts of The Flood, Mark Simmons posted the best review of the book I've found so far (it does have spoilers, so you should finish reading beforehand), and for anyone interested I posted my thoughts in that thread as well.

All said, I'm very glad to hear that Nylund is back in action for the next installment. If he's able to equal The Fall of Reach, I'll be satisfied.

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