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Nicely done
Posted By: mnemesis <>Date: 3/10/03 1:28 p.m.

In Response To: The Marathon Connection (Shishka)

: You're new, I'll go easy.


: Long before Halo, Bungie had released a trilogy of games, the Marathon
: series. The games have a cult following, and are part of the reason
: Bungie.Org exists today.

: With the release of Halo, many Bungie fans noticed the connections between
: the Halo and Marathon Universes. Most obvious is the liberal use of the
: Marathon logo in Halo. It's seen on the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Keyes'
: uniform, and even in the Halo logo on the cover of the box the game came
: in. Many people have suggested that the logo can be found in other places
: within Halo, as well, though often it turns out to be a stretch of the
: idea.

: Another well known connection between Halo and Marathon is Master Chief
: himself. Master Chief is a MJOLNIR MkV cyborg. MkVI in Halo, with his new
: battle armor. The character you play as in the Marathon trilogy is
: believed to be an MJOLNIR MkIV.

: Those are two very well known Marathon connections. However, Cortana is also
: a Marathon connection, though it isn't as well known by people as the two
: aformentioned examples.

: In the Marathon trilogy, you fight encounter after encounter at the whim of a
: rampant AI known as Durandal.

: Durandal was the name of Roland's sword in "The Song of Roland:"

: "Count Roland smites upon the marble stone;
: I cannot tell you how he hewed it and smote;
: Yet the blade breaks not nor splinters, though it groans;
: Upward to heaven it rebounds from the blow.
: When the count sees it never will be broke,
: Then to himself right softly he makes moan;
: 'Ah, Durandal, fair, hallowed, and devote,
: What store of relics lies in thy hilt of gold!'"

: Roland, according to the epic poem, is supposed to be the Nephew of
: Charlemagne. This is also hinted at in the games:
: "Durandan, Durandal, Durandana.

: Charlemagne used to always call me
: Durandana, the fruitcake. All the many
: implements of war to him were in some way
: feminine. Not that you know the story."

: "Cool, Shishka, but what does this have to do with the price of tea in
: China?"

: Nothing. However, a little research into Cortana's name gives a bit of legend
: about Charlemagne. That's right. Charlemagne. Particularly, this legend
: where Charlemagne presents a sword to the prince of the Danes.

: The sword bears an inscription:
: "My name is Cortana, of the same steel and temper as Joyeuse and
: Durindana."

I'm putting this on the Story page. (!) ;-)


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