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YES - 343 GS released the Flood
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 3/4/03 11:38 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Do AIs lie? (Ciarán)

: Essentially, I'm wondering if
: there's any reason why we shouldn't believe everything that Cortana and
: 343GS say?

Cortana is based off of Dr. Halsey's brain patterns, there is nothing preventing Cortana from lying. So for Cortana, consider if Dr. Halsey would lie. The answer is "YES" if necessary. When is it "necessary"? There's only two times it is necessary to lie:

1) when telling the truth can harm the "good guys" (the people on your side) in some way. And I don't really mean emotional harm, like hurt feelings, I mean like getting an operative killed or compromising a mission if the truth was told.

2) when there is a gun pointed to your head.

Cortana has a gun pointed to her head, more or less, in Two Betrayals. There's no reason to believe what she says about the pulse generators. In fact, there might have been near zero percent chance that 343 GS or one of his Sentinels could have figured out how to fire Halo without the index. The whole excercise could have provided a different purpose, perhaps just a distraction until Cortana located Captain Keyes.

As for 343 GS, we have no reason to believe anything he says except that he has no motive for lying (why would he?) except for "WHO RELEASED THE FLOOD", he is quite vague about this. If he really considers the MC a superior (the Reclaimer) then he might not want to admit if HE (343 GS) actually released them. I think I will bring this up in a new thread.

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