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A simple question in the myth dept.
Posted By: RationalistKDate: 1/28/03 7:02 p.m.

In Response To: More genuinely interesting plot developments? (barkbat)

Has anyone yet put forward a correlation between Halo's backstory and that of the Christian creation?

Let's see...

Halo... being an Ark. An ark in Noah's sense, or perhaps like the "Ark of the Covenant" that holds the promise of there never being another Biblical flood.
Halo also being between Basis and Threshold... Basis being very solid, like solid earth, and Threshold being more powerful, ethereal, and constantly shifting...

Hmm. Ark. Covenant. Flood. Basis as Earth, Threshold as heaven?
You get the idea.
Perhaps the religious significance Forerunner symbols have to the Covenant is a bit clearer in the context of their being there to reclaim the Forerunner legacy after the Flood- perhaps the Covenant see the Flood as being the highest point of Forerunner arrogance. Halo being an Ark against the Flood makes it a sign of the promise of the Covenant-related Forerunners to remind future generations of the hubris that lead to the Flood in the place.

Just a thought, meant to get someone thinking seriously on these lines.

Imagine if some bears walked into a temple holding the holiest of promises from your God... you'd want to get them out of there pretty fast, wouldn't you?
Can't blame the Covenant that much, if you see it that way.

Halo being a "fortress world" as referred to by Cortana makes sense... what better as a fortress world than a ship designed to house the best and brightest Forerunners who'd decided to fight the Flood directly?

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