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a couple things
Posted By: John Denton <>Date: 1/21/03 4:44 p.m.

In Response To: More genuinely interesting plot developments? (barkbat)

: 'Janus, as the first king of Latium, brought the people a time of peace and
: welfare; the Golden Age. He introduced money, cultivation of the fields,
: and the laws. After his death he was deified (forerunner) and became the
: protector of Rome (galaxy). When Romulus and his associates stole the
: Sabine Virgins, the Sabines attacked the city. The daughter (cortana) of
: one of the guards on the Capitolian Hill betrayed her fellow countrymen
: and guided the enemy into the city (earth). They attempted to climb the
: hill but Janus made a hot spring erupt from the ground (used halo), and
: the would-be attackers fled from the city (covenant fucked). Ever since,
: the gates of his temple were kept open in times of war so the god would be
: ready to intervene when necessary. In times of peace the gates were
: closed.'

This tale certainly sounds like it fits with Halo, but a couple things seem a bit off. The first is the comparison of Cortana to the daughter. According to the novel, Cortana is basically a digital version of Doctor whatsherface, who recruited the SPARTANS. I can't remember how long she had been around by the events of Halo, but I'm sure it was less than fifty years. The events you're talking about with the forerunners are ancient. Now, granted, there were many connections made between Durandal and his namesake in Marathon. But most, if not all of these, were mentioned by Durandal, who is extremely deranged. I'm also not seeing as much of a metaphysical complexity in Halo, though that doesn't mean it's not there.

I'm also skeptical about the Covenant being the ones who attacked the forerunners. They seem like a much younger civilization, and they also seem to deify the forerunners. Halo, itself had some sort of holy significance for them. Of course, this would still hold true if it was the mechanism of their past defeat. The main problem I see is that there wouldn't be any "fleeing from the city" for the Covenant. The Halos would have wiped out all but the most simple organisms. Of course, if some of them did manage to make it out in time (we really have no idea exactly what the Halos do or how long it would take), that would explain how they survived so much better than the humans (assuming the humans are the descendants of the forerunners).

Actually, the idea of the flood being the spring is very intriguing. Especially since they are the _flood_. This also raises the possibility that the flood were actually a weapon of the forerunners. The Halos were constructed to contain this indiscriminate weapon, and provide a failsafe if things got out of control. Perhaps the Covenant (or perhaps only a specific race within it), are the descendants of the forerunners' enemy. The Halo may have a deep religious significance, but not in a positive way. If humanity is what is left of the forerunners, that would certainly explain the covenant's obsession with wiping them out.
It could be that, at some point, the Covenant (or whatever it was) gained the upper hand against the forerunners. This is when the forerunners unleashed the flood, which devastated both empires. Eventually, someone decided they had gone too far, and they activated the Halos. Somehow, remnants of each side survived (shielded themselves in some way, or left the galaxy or something). Whatever happened, both were set back thousands on thousands of years. And, of course, the meteor that killed the dinosaurs was actually a forerunner ship which contained the only survivors. I don't think I buy the Earth being the original homeworld of the forerunners. Where are all the ruins? And if the Covenant had made it out intact, you'd think they would have a record of the location of their enemy's homeworld. Anyway, the Covenant was more fortunate, and regained its interstellar statuts much faster. They also had access to ancient records that detailed the war of their ancestors, blablabla...

: This might imply there are three Halo's.

I don't think it would be very difficult to determine how many Halos there are, based on the effective radius provided by 343 GS. Look up, the size of our galaxy (I'm too lazy, but I'm pretty sure you could find that somewhere) and divide it by the area covered by each installation (which you will have to find with one of those pi formulas that I don't remember).

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