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Re: Halo and StarHammer
Posted By: Warbow <>Date: 12/1/02 8:58 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Halo and StarHammer (Louis Wu)

: Whoa - you're a tad confused. The Starhammer was designed to DESTROY the Vang
: (the 'adaptive super-parasite'), not contain it. The only reason there
: were unkilled Vang inside the crawler with the Keeper is because the
: Keeper was designed to require a direct order from the Batrachians to
: function - and they were all dead. As soon as the keeper determined that a
: human was sufficiently close to its Batrachian creators as to be
: listenable to, it went out and destroyed the remaining Vang.

: The Laowon had nothing whatsoever to do with the Vang; they came millions of
: years later.

: Hmm... that didn't work, did it? MC blew up the Halo, and killed all the
: remaining Flood. Oops...

Umm..Louis. I know you have read The Vang, The Military Form. So, do you really believe your last statement? I don't...after reading the first Vang book. If Bungie based the Flood off of the Vang then the Halo universe should be very very very scared.

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