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Damnation times, and other stuff
Posted By: Glenn Close <>Date: 8/22/02 9:19 a.m.

The following are the times it takes for everything to reappear in Damnation. Keep in mind that the timing for something to reappear is independent of when it was last picked up, so the wait will at most be what is listed below, but most often it will be shorter (except of course if you pick up a gun and then sit there waiting for ammo - that would take the entire time). For instance, you could pick up a pistol, which takes 30sec to reappear, but pick it up 29sec into its cycle, and then another one would appear there 1 sec later. Anyone is welcome to double check the numbers. Some of them were pretty surprising. In Damnation it only takes 30sec for a sniper rifle to appear, while it takes 3min for plasma gernades to replenish themselves.

Assault Rifle: 30sec
Pistol: 30sec
Shotgun: 30sec
Plasma Rifle: 30sec
Plasma Pistol: 30sec
Sniper Rifle: 30sec
Rocket Launcher: 2min
Needler: (NA)

Frag Gernade: 30sec
Plasma Gernade: 3min

Active Camo: 30sec
Overshield: 1min
Med Pack: 30sec

One thing I checked is that the same gun or type of gernade in different locations has the same timer. They do. All med packs take 30sec. etc. This is a little misleading, though, because the timers are not decided by item type, they are reliant on position. This is apparent when you try a game type other than with regular-guns slayer. If the game is set for all rockets, then the rocket launcher's appearance rates depend on where they are. In an all rockets Damnation round, if a rocket launcher is in the spot that normally has the sniper rifle, it will take 30 seconds to come back because that is how long the sniper rifle takes. But, if a person waits for a rocket launcher where the rocket launcher is in normal play, he will be there for 2min., since that is how long that location is set for.

While I was at it, I timed some other things:

- Bullet holes stay on a surface for 3min, and start disappearing sometime after 2 and a half minutes

- Shell casings disappear after 15sec

- Dead bodies and any guns or gernades they drop remain for 30sec

- It takes 30sec for the Master Chief to go through his fidget cycle where he taps his gun etc.

The next piece of information is more interesting. A thrown gun remains where it lie for 30sec. The original timer for the gun/location has nothing to do with it. So, as long as you keep picking up a gun every once-in-awhile, it will not disappear. Quickly messing around with this, I had 7 sniper rifles in the same room, all coming from the same location. I just ran around the room juggling them with an asssault rifle waiting for another to come along. The only trick to this is the guns can't be in proximity to each other or else one of them will be picked up as ammo.

To help the debates between which guns are better or worse, I timed the reload times. It is hard to be accurate with these so you don't have to believe them. For all of them I started the clock as the gun fired its last round in the clip, then repeatedly hit the trigger till it fired the first round from the new clip.

Assault Rifle: 3sec
Pistol: 2sec
Shotgun: 5sec
Plasma Rifle: 2sec*
Plasma Pistol: 2sec**
Sniper Rifle: 4sec
Rocket Launcher: 4sec
Needler: 3sec

*time between when it overheats and then shoots again.
**time between charged shots (I may be slower at this than other people).

-glenn close

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Damnation times, and other stuffGlenn Close 8/22/02 9:19 a.m.
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