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Getting Out of the PoA and Touching Halo
Posted By: FrogBlast <>Date: 6/29/02 11:57 p.m.

Ok, Hi everyone :)

People are still asking about this trick on the forum, and via email. I'm coo with people asking how to do the trick, don't misunderstand me, but I think it would help to have a place to point them when/if they do ask. Hopefully this post will be helpful as either the place to point them, or as a source of places to point them...


Here is my supa-edited text from one of the many times I tried to explain how to do it:

1) As soon as you get control of the MC at the start of the level, Jump back in to the tube quickly (before the lid closes!!!) , try to get in near the top of the tube, NEVER CROUCH

2) Now, after the lid closes, face the top of the tube, look straight down, back up slowly/gently.

3) Sometimes, as you are backing up, you will stop moving and you will move into the tube a little. If you stop, don't stop pressing back (you should be pressing back very lightly.)

4) Hold the back button lightly, and rotate slowly (looking down.)

5) You will get popped up into the air sometimes... but SOMETIMES you will get popped up into the ceiling :). If you get into the ceiling, you're done! The trick worked!

You might also get thrown in some other strange directions, you might just walk out of the tube, you might fall underneath. If it doesn't work---> KEEP TRYING.

It helps to use the checkpoint that happens right before the lid closes/right after the lid closes, if the trick doesn't work, just revert to saved and try again OR restart the level and try again. If the trick DOES work, you can have a co-op player run ahead and trigger a checkpoint for you ( there is usually one near the pipes that are on fire.)


Here are the links that I think would be most helpful:

1) A movie of getting out!!!!!! (for gosh darned sake...)

2) Pictures showing the path to take...


3) Another way to try and get out ( "Ultra-reliable")

I hope this helps (I hope all these links worked), I will try and add some of this content (namely the text instructions) to the Cryo B Exploration Pages. Thanks for reading. :)


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