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NEW never before seen Sidewinder TRICK!
Posted By: PCDestroyerDate: 5/3/02 7:35 p.m.

Here's a Trick for Multiplayer on Sidewinder...

If you back the tank up to the enemy (or yer own) base where the back of the tank hits the wall... and then turn the turret around facing the wall.

What you get is a tank turret penetrating a wall that fires shells and machine gun fire with no ill effects on the driver of the tank. The tank never recoils and kills the driver or even moves the tank a bit... you can fire as long as you are alive. Hard to aim... but all that you need is a guy on foot to tell you what yer hitting, or to tell you to hit the same spot over and over... like near the ladders where people respawn.

For a team that is very combative and gets the other team on the "lock-down" inside their own base... this is a very good way to keep them there.

Just watch out for people dropping down from above. And cover the top with the other tank or with sniper fire. Also... a good idea is to cover the enemy output warp with a ghost/vehicle so they can't escape.

Drive up respawns... then go grab the flag.

Elite Enforcers Halo Chapter
1st Place in the Central FL Halo League

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NEW never before seen Sidewinder TRICK!PCDestroyer 5/3/02 7:35 p.m.
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