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IŽve been at the bottom of both shafts in SP.
Posted By: Razorback <>Date: 3/27/02 12:30 p.m.

The first one , the one from the map room is the a bit harder then the second one, from the security room.

YouŽll need a hog to jump down. After geting it past the "Golden elite Door"
(Tip: use rockets or another warthog to get the jeep past that door)
Then drive the hog at full speed and try to fall on one of those spike things that are coming out of the wall.

YouŽll need a lot of luck to do this , so try as long as you can untill you do it.

Dont forget to bring with you an overshield. Then , if your not already at the bottom , jump from spike thingy to spike thingy untill your almoust at the bottom.(Tip: whenever you fall on on of those spikes youl lose 2 life bars , so manage them carfully)

Now you should jump to the ground , and if your lucky , your warthog will be there.

Second Shaft:Security room.

This one is much easier. After the the Hologram , walk to the left side of the edge , you shpuld see , a little Platform stiking out of the wall , )im not talking about the "spike thingy" , Im talking about a white small platform where you can jump.Jump as far as you can in the direction of that little platform and you shoulde be able to get to one of the spikes ( by sliding on somthing. Dont forget to crouch while falling)

Then just simply jump from spike to platform , and from platform to spike.

As you can see, this wont enable you to be exactly at the bottom , but youl be praty close.

Maybe Frogblast or someone else will do it.

Oh, one more thing , I have no Idea if this is old.

If it is , you can point and laugh, I wont mind.

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IŽve been at the bottom of both shafts in SP.Razorback 3/27/02 12:30 p.m.
     Re: IŽve been at the bottom of both shafts in SP.Louis Wu 3/27/02 12:41 p.m.

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