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Re: Dang...
Posted By: FrogBlast <>Date: 3/26/02 12:34 p.m.

In Response To: Dang... (Louis Wu)

: I just got part 1 into the Tricks section! :)

: What was that bouncing stuff in the last movie? (Long/short views of the
: outside of the ship) Pretty weird looking...

That was me trying to show how player 2's location influences being able to see space at all... I felt a little silly doing that, but it was a digital camera and It was late.... Basically I was just trying to say "you ain't going to see nuttin' until player 2 is right here."

: Can you get that full outside look, but have it fill the top screen? That is,
: how close can you get?

You can get the full outside look after the loading zone by sending the player on the bottom screen to the bridge. In terms of being close, I think (with very VERY little doubt) you can actually get outside the bridge windows... (in the outside space itself) I just screwed up and triggered the cutscene before I had a chance to get out there.

I'm going to try again when I get the chance... :)

BTW, With that full view, I didn't see ANY covenant ships... they musta been folding ;)

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