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Re: what exactly happened...? *OT*
Posted By: FrogBlast <>Date: 3/26/02 11:01 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Getting out of the Pillar of Autumn in Seconds (*Ar-Isildur of *WP*)

: Good lord man, even when you are in pain you still amaze me.


: Sorry if this has been said earlier .. but ... what exactly happened to you?
: I saw the post where you said you were in the hospital and reading your
: email was painful .. but i havent spotted anything else (then again I
: haven't been here as often as I had been).

I basically went in for a migraine, they gave me a spinal tap.

They did a bad job with the spinal tap, I went into shock three days later, then went back into the ER.

They gave me a "blood patch" which is blood from my arm injected into the spinal tap hole.

The extra painful version of what I just said can be found here:

I felt great after the blood patch, but couldn't walk very well because they hit some nerves. But after awhile I felt like I could go out.

So I took the car out to the post office, and out to the house to capture some halo gameplay:) ... everything was ok while I was driving. But suddenly I felt like someone de-pressurized my head, and the pain came back in a flash. I won't go into the messy/unpleasant details of what happens when you are driving a car and your blood patch fails... but basically I ended up speeding home and spending another four days in bed.

Right now my head still feels pressurized (I don't think that is good...) but there isn't any headache or nausea, and my back still hurts when I wake up in the morning. Otherwise I'm back at work and feeling much better... and almost done catching up on all the stuff that I missed while I was gone...

: -*Ar

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