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A pristine, grounded Banshee on Level 2?
Posted By: Gorehead <>Date: 2/3/02 5:29 p.m.

I've seen it, and the bad news is you can't fly it. Here's how I got it. I've only been able to duplicate this once, so your mileage may vary.

I started playing level 2 in Easy so that I could explore. I follow my routine: run across the bridge and get behind the little rock there, scope and shoot down the first Banshee with my pistol the instant he is in range. He never gets the chance to make a second dive for me--I get him before he even turns from his first dive. His ship falls somewhere on the left side of the bridge. I don't pay attention to the second Banshee, I immediately run back over the bridge and shoot everyone as they're getting off the Covenant ship. To give you an idea of the timing here, the last thing firing at me is the ship itself.

Remember, I didn't see exactly where the first Banshee crashed and I never saw the second Banshee, but over in the river, right before it drops down in that last little bit you can still walk through before the waterfall, there is an overturned Banshee, as good as new. I imagine all sorts of adventures, but alas, and after wrestling it upstream and getting it right side up, there is no prompt for the x button to enter the vehicle.

So I admire its gleam in the sunshine.


P.S. BTW, the one time I was able to duplicate this, I looked for the Banshee the soon as I got out of the lifepod, and it wasn't there. Freaky.

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