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this is how my day went
Posted By: Trevor Humphrey <>Date: 1/6/02 9:21 p.m.

In Response To: Carnage Fest Report (Louis Wu)

the other day I went to my buds house and we started up a nice 8 player game of halo. The coolest thing I've ever done when it comes to video games. It started out just 2 on 2, me and my friend (Brett) against his brother (Kyle) and his brother's friend. It was some good ole team slayer in hang em high. The best way to play that is to get the cloaking and a sniper rifle and pick people off cuz they wont be able to see you until it's to late (or they wont if you're good). Me and my friend won that one even though my favourite ploy was to run in the enemy base with a shotgun and lob all my grenades, which ended surprisingly well most times. Soon after, 2 more people came and it was time for some 3 on 3. Me, my friend Brett, and tubby Joel were against Kyle, the friend of his and his nerd friend Derek. Then it was close. We played king of the hill on blood gulch and there was mucho madness. After that, we needed 2 more people so I called my house and got my younger brother and his friend, when they got there, we played 8 player free for all rockets in the battle creek. Just imagine how crazy that might get. Then we tried something interesting. We made a game with all the vehicles and 8 people and what we tried to do was pile them up in the blood gulch and then climb on top in a big ladder of cyborgs to try to get onto this ledge. (when facing away from the tunnel side, look to the right and up and look for the outcropping thingy that is really high up) Well, we were so close to getting up, but it wouldnt let us on, so my real question is to someone who knows what they're talking about....
Is it actually possible to get up there?

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