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More firsthand experience
Posted By: Mark Levin <>Date: 1/2/02 11:56 a.m.

In Response To: Carnage Fest Report (Louis Wu)

It was a real blast. Halo is just amazing fun. Here are some random notes I remember from those two days...

Best games for 4 players: Oddball on Derelict or Damnation, Invasion on Battle Creek or that really small level (Wizard?)

Most Intense Game: Crazy King (moving hill) on Longest, with 8 players.

Least Intense Game: King of the Hill on Sidewinder without nav points. It took one of the teams several minutes to even *find* the hill :P

Best Game on Blood Gulch: 4v4 Crazy King, with all vehicles.

Best Use of Scorpion: Parking it in the central Hill on Blood Gulch, taking up almost the entire space and making it much harder to invade (and by doing this accidentally running over your entire team who was already on the hill :) ).

Best Use of Warthog: Driving both jeeps on Sidewinder into the same base, to serve as cover and obstacles to reaching the flag (this was the interminable CTF game mentioned above).

Best Intended Use of Warthog: 5v5 Race on Blood Gulch.

Loudest Game: Team Crazy King on Hang 'em High with rocket launchers.

Best Boxing Match: Oddball on Longest with way too many players (as mentioned above), Crazy King on Longest, also with way too many players.

Best Demonstration of Advanced Technology: A corpse I saw hanging from a ledge in Prisoner. It's head was just on the edge, and its entire body dangled over the side.

#1 Rule of Sniping on Boarding Action: If you shoot at someone, you'd better hit :)

Thanks to Claude and Miguel and all the rest for a great time!

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