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Banshee fun
Posted By: Ohso <>Date: 12/17/01 3:51 p.m.

A friend of mine came over Saturday to play some co-op Halo.

We *acquired* banshees on "Assault on the Control Room" and proceeded to investigate every chasm and ledge we could.

Did you know that banshees *WILL* fit down those hallways separating the canyons? :)
They smash the upper windows/lights in the halls everywhere as they go!

We managed to get into the very first room of the level where the Pelican drops you off. Man is that room big. We went down to where the huge rings were spinning and took turns walking on them (It's hard!)
We also scraped along the roof, breaking lots of glass and went as low as possible...funny there is an invisible floor below which you can't fly, although if you get out you will fall...

We also went to the bottom of the purple mist filled pit in the first room of the level following the giant ledge at the's weird looking.

Have fun.

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