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Halo 4 Forge Parody ViDoc
Posted By: pete_the_duckDate: 1/13/13 11:31 a.m.

This is, no doubt, going to end up on Wu's desk and probably on the front page, so I wanted to post it here myself so I could ..perhaps provide a relevant perspective to the piece.

I consider this some Forgers expressing their frustration at Halo 4's Forge through a parody ViDoc. And, as such, I found it amusing and think anyone that has similarly been frustrated at Forge will probably enjoy watching it and might even laugh a few times. I did.

I do not consider it, in any way, a thorough or even accurate accessment of Forge. They tend to focus on the Forge maps and game types, which are items that can (and traditionally, have) been added post-launch. And so, I do not consider those relevant to an accessment of Forge itself as a tool.

While the many improvements made to Forge itself are either not mentioned, mentioned only once, misrepresented, or are presented with an exaggerated, infomercial-like degree of difficultly that I found amusing. Those improvements include:

-Dynamic lighting
-Delete by palette (including Delete Everything)
-Multiple game type label slots
-Being able to move objects without worrying about your snap rotation
-Gravity Volumes
-And unique and versatile objects like extraction targets and dominion vehicle pads

There are also some statements that are outright false, but I attribute that to the structure of the video--it is a parody, and seems to resort to simply providing a direct antithesis to statements in the original ViDoc.

So, enjoy it, but don't get caught up in it. They clearly put a lot of work into the presentation, and that is going to get the video a lot of views. As for the intended purpose of the video, if they legitimately want 343 Industries to adjust Forge, I don't think their presentation is as effective as a more traditional evaluation and bulleted list would be.

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