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Halo 4: Videos, Videos, videos! *SP*
Posted By: RC MasterDate: 11/22/12 6:35 p.m.

Many videos I have to share with thee:

  1. Tyrant and I have started a Co-op Legendary guide for Halo 4. Dawn is here. Other levels and even LASO will be later down the line.
  2. I did my own version of a Legendary guide for Requiem. A little quicker than Tyrant at 28 minutes, but more repeatable than Eli's 'lets run through everything!'
  3. I've also done another Legendary speed run. This time on Reclaimer, completed in under 16 minutes*. Apart from a slow start, this is pretty much wall-to-wall tricks and skips. A lot of it is fairly easy, or is at least low-pressure since there are no enemies around. So it should make this level a lot easier for everyone.
  4. Against noobs, the Mantis almost seems overpowered in my Perfection on Ragnarok. I try to give some tips along the way.
  5. The LASO/Mythic Halo 4 Journey continues apace!

    1. AuraSoldier313 has been leading the way. He currently has videos of completions on: Dawn (24mins), Requiem (43mins), Reclaimer (20mins), Shutdown (16mins).

    2. DarkDEVASTATION hasn't been far behind, with videos of: Dawn (21 mins), Requiem (1hour 11mins), Reclaimer (25 mins), Shutdown (21 mins).

    3. I have also been getting along fairly well. I've 3 missions done, and I've uploaded my version of Shutdown (15 mins) with commentary today.

    4. Sarsion (aka. "SonicJohn") has been doing segmented LASO (i.e. save and quit when you die). And has videos for the first three missions.


*Note: Because Halo 4 doesn't have an accurate timer, I'm simply referring to the video-lengths here.


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