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Forge with Pete 10: Guitar Halo
Posted By: pete_the_duckDate: 10/23/12 8:11 a.m.

I seriously began to wonder if this Forge project would ever be completed. You know that Forge Quack series of videos? This .. this is the Forge project that inspired it.

I ran into so many problems attempting to build Guitar Halo that I began documenting them. If it wasn't issues with how Halo: Reach spawns objects, it was something insane like golf balls that stop rolling for absolutely no reason, or drift sideways just because they can. Behind each of those Forge Quacks is a prototype design for Guitar Halo that got thrown in the trash.

I started from scratch at least half a dozen times. I stepped away for weeks only to come back, fail, and step away again. But finally.. I had a design breakthrough. A mechanism that could overcome inconsistent spawning and tame those rebellious golf balls!

And so, I am very, very, very pleased to share Guitar Halo with you all! Check it out on or Halo Waypoint!

This is the last Forge with Pete for Halo: Reach and I think it might be the best episode yet. It would be a fitting farewell to many great years of Forging in Halo: Reach, ..if I didn't already have something else planned for that ;). Soon!

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Forge with Pete 10: Guitar Halopete_the_duck 10/23/12 8:11 a.m.
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